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Who can resist the lure of Krispy Kreme?

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While Billie was having surgery on her foot, we had to kill a couple of hours so we had a wander around Brent Cross shopping centre.  There was a Krispy Kreme outlet in Fenwick’s there.  Yum.  I think the plain glazed ones are still my favourite.

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Friday. Snow. Wine. Stitches.

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Today, I worked from home. And made these.

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Baking & Funk music. Two things that go so well together.

Soundtrack: The Isley Brothers.  Recipe:  Ultimate Chocolate Chip Cookies from The Parsley Thief. via Instagram http://instagr.am/p/UZEum2N9QC/

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My week in photographs

We had a couple of beautiful sunny days... an indian summer would be nice, wouldn't it? I went for a walk, I have always loved the old sign on this building.

We actually went out for a meal! Me and Him Indoors. Together! At the same time! We tried out a neighbour restaurant called Little Sardinia. This is the lentil and Sardinian sausage soup. Yum.


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