JaneMintoLighthouse006This is my paternal grandmother, Jane.  Jane Moore. Jane Schnackenberg. Jane Minto.  I have been working on framing up some family photos for display in my father’s house and I came across this one.  It was quite light-damaged and discoloured so I did my best to restore it, then enlarged and printed it for a frame.  We don’t know much about the photo except that it was probably taken by my grandfather, Frederick Schnackenberg.  Unfortunately Fred cut the dogs out the photo – you can see that my grandmother is holding two leashes, and based on her age we know she must have been walking Prudence and Frieda, their two dachshunds.  Jane is 98 now and living in New Hampshire – busy planning her 100th birthday party.  We are looking forward to visiting her soon.


Below Thirty


Once the countdown clock went below thirty….she knew she was in trouble. Life is just a blur of packing and lists at the moment.  Will we get it all done?  My confidence has waned somewhat.


The pup who loves sunbeams.

Billie really loves laying in the sun – I guess a lot of dogs do. I’m hoping this is a good sign for the future.


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Quality Time

Billie makes most things better.

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Remember when ….

….punk rockers used to wear aviators, draw swastikas on their face and put plastic forks in their hanky pocket? Yeah. Me neither.  Been packing up books.  I have a collection of these pulp paperbacks which were published by the New English Library in the 70′s.  This one by Richard Allen is pretty funny, from 1977 just as punk was breaking in the UK.  Allen is better known for his skinhead novels – I have a few of those as well but they’re harder to come by.  I think I like the biker books best though.



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